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This web site is for journalism teachers of Miami-Dade County. Advisers from the area will be able to easily edit pages, upload files, and join discussions.

The site was started with the statement by the advisers of Journalism Day requesting that the School Board of Miami-Dade County stop its attempts to ban "Vamos A Cuba!" from our schools.

The web space can be edited by local journalism teachers, powered by the wiki software technology used for Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia that is receiving contributions from members all over the world. Besides helping our efforts as journalism teachers, this service is a wonderful tool for our classrooms.


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Learn about the basis of press freedom in the Miami-Dade County Public Schools,

Student Publication Guideline #25

This policy is now called Student Publication Guideline #27.
From Procedures for Promoting and Maintaining a Safe Learning Environment, page 123, and page 119 of the pdf document overall.

Procedures for Promoting/Maintaining Safe Learning 2002
It has been prepared to assist school administrators in promoting and maintaning a safe learning environment in the public schools of Miami-Dade County, and Florida. These procedures and directions are set forth to guide and promote orderly and productive participation of students in school life and support the achievement of Florida's education goal for school safety and environment.
MDCPS E-handbooks - Administrative Procedures

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Free Speech Schools: Guideline #25 - Student Expression

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